$4500 Debt Box Node Business Opportunity

Ring Of Fire Opportunity. Open to everyone. The $4500 Debt Box Node Business Opportunity. These crypto nodes are unique. They are backed by real world commodities. Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Aluminum, Agriculture and the technology advanced Satellite Scan System. Ring Of Fire Opportunity allows you to join in with a few other people and earn daily rewards based on your percentage of the node cost. In this case, we are looking to reach our goal of $4500 to buy a Natural Gas(NATg Node). You can participate for as low as $250 or more with increments being $250, $500, $750, $1,000, $1250, etc. If we do not reach $4500 and only get up to $2500, then the Agriculture node(GROW) node will be purchased. Next are the Gold Node(DLG) at $1500, Aluminum Node(ALUM) $1500, Satellite Explorer(XPLR) $1250 in that order. You can redeem your rewards or let your rewards accumulate. There are 2 dates a year to redeem your rewards if you so choose, Jan 15th and Aug 15th. Keep in mind that the company takes a 10% fee to redeem therefore you will receive 10% less of your rewards when redeemed.

Limited Time Only. Join The Business Opportunity Today Before It’s To Late: https://ssnlifestyle.com/product/4500-debt-box-node-business-opportunity/

*Any contributions into this business opportunity means you understand your funds are locked permanently. This is a mining node which will turn into an NFT eventually after it’s sold out.
Disclosure: Ring Of Fire Business Opportunities inherently have risk. Only contribute what you can afford to lose.

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