Ring Of Fire – Cashflow NFT Passive Income

Cashflow NFT is more powerful than you may know. You will earn passive income by simply buying the NFT. How?

  1. Crypto Currency Store Customers can come in and talk to real people about depositing, exchanging fiat into crypto and putting on exchange. Cashflow NFT holders receive 50% of store profits.
  2. Miracle Deal – I think of it as peer to peer lending. You are part of the loan process with Miracle & More Stores as others borrow and you receive up to 5% monthly. There is also a stable coin that Miracle Cash & More Stores can utilize to allow borrowers to pay for items at stores.
  3. AVM aka ATM Fiat/Crypto machines. Thousands deployed in the country that the Cashflow NFT is assigned. Right now the country of UK. NFT members receive profits from the transactions fees.
  4. POS (Point Of Sale) Terminals that most people are familiar with. Miracle Cash & More has their own terminals and once again the profits are shared with NFT members.
  5. Miracle Home is a unique rental insurance program. This allows a landlord to rent to to tenants without the need to ask for 1st/last/deposit. Why? The landlord can have potential tenants go through the insurance company to qualify. The benefits: Owner can receive up to 12 months advance rent, the tenant doesn’t have to pay the usual cost to get into a rental property, the landlord is guaranteed payments, even if tenant doesn’t pay. Backed by Lloyds of London.
  6. Miracle Cash & More’s Exchange/Website. Members who hold Cashflow NFT’s receive part of the profits from transaction fees from the website and exchange.
  7. Cashflow NFT has a free affiliate program. You can refer others to buy the NFT and receive 10% Commission. This will not last long as only 2 more NFT’s will come available for the next 2 sets of countries opened.

You can buy the cashflow NFT directly for $5,000. It’s a one time payment, no monthly fees or dues. Commissions from the NFT’s will be paid out monthly. You can go here to become a free affiliate to refer others or buy your UK NFT as only 400 out of 1488 NFT’s are left available here: https://cashflownft.net/?ref=1178. Ring Of Fire Opportunity is the Cashflow NFT 500 Business Opportunity is our way of helping those who can’t buy a $5k NFT and may not want to try to refer others. Our Ring Of Fire Opportunity allows anyone to contribute anywhere from $250 – $2500. Only in $250 increments. The amount you put in is the percentage you will receive on monthly payouts. $500 contribution means you will receive 10% of monthly membership payout. You can be part of our Ring of Fire here: https://ssnlifestyle.com/product/cashflow-nft-5000-business-opportunity/

To find out more directly from the owner of Miracle Cash and More and Cashflow NFT Leader, please watch this video on our youtube channel: Miracle Cash/Cashflow NFT information.

2 thoughts on “Ring Of Fire – Cashflow NFT Passive Income

  • July 11, 2023 at 3:31 am

    Hi you doing Eric my name is Demetrius Brown a few months ago I invest miracle cash with the the stop struggling now. Don’t see my investment. Can you help me find it or I’m not looking in the right place LoL

    • August 4, 2023 at 4:37 pm

      Hello, I will need to double check your status. If you put into the group. There isn’t anything else you would receive.
      There have been no commission issued by Cashflow NFT/Miracle Cash as of Aug 4th, 2023. Only commissions that have been sent out are for anyone who has signed up people to buy an NFT.
      Sorry for the delayed response.


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