SSN Lifestyle Founders Club Membership

SSN Lifestyle Founders Club Signup – $2,799.00
One Time $2,799.00*. Only 15 Exclusive Spots Are

1. One Week A Year – *7 nights/8 days use of Punta Cana Penthouse. 2br/2ba. Your choice of Panorama Gardens 2br/3.5 bath with terrace unit or Primaveral Residences II at Simon’s Residences, 2br/3ba with terrace unit Penthouse or Equivalent or other Exotic locations around the world. Locations include but not limited to Hawaiian Islands, Sint Marteen, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Orlando, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, MX, Aruba, Starting Spring 2023 for Accommodations. All other membership benefits start at signup unless mentioned below. Transportation to and from the airport and condo (Value: $3000/yr). Every Stay At Punta Cana.  Includes 4 tickets to Coco Bongo($650 Value)One Night Of Private Chef Service**($200 Value). 2 Tickets To Katmandu Park***(Value $80). 2 All Excursion Boat Tickets to the island of  Isla Saona****(Value $175). 2 Adult Tickets To The Caribbean Lake Park(Value $100). 2 Tickets To Pearl Beach Club For 1 Day During Stay*******(Value $200) (5 Year Total Value $20,000)

2. 3 nights/4 days – Studio or 1br of accommodations at several vacation hotspots. Las Vegas, Hawaiian Islands, Orlando, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, etc (Value $1500)

3. Special Discounted Weeks Exclusive For Founders Club & Premier Club Members.

4. SSN Lifestyle Membership is included and you will remain with the title of SSN Lifestyle Founders Club Membership. Passive income can be achieved by our Refer A Friend Program. 

5. SSN Lifestyle Ring Of Fire. Possible investments and equity into companies that pitch us. Founder’s get first right of refusal before members can participate. (Value: Limitless)

6. SSN Founders Club Members Only Exclusive! Founders Club Members are the only ones who can make money by renting out a Luxury Unit in the Punta Cana area Or Similar Luxury Unit Type Within Punta Cana or other areas around the world. Higher Commission. No H.OA. fees, No Housekeeping Fees, No Maintenance. Extra streams of income is possible. Founders Club Members can earn extra free nights at this location for themselves every year.  Exclusive Bonus Time Rates.^ (Value: $10,000/yr)

7. Airport Lounge Access with Priority Pass or Airport Lounge Pass. Beginning Aug 2022 (Value $295/yr)

8. Bonus Pool – Founder Club Members receive a share of all levels of Membership. Pro, Elite, Premier, Founder each month – Must be current on monthly membership.

9. 2 VIP Tickets to SSN Lifestyle Punta Cana Conference & Party April 12th – 16th, 2023 – Includes 2 VIP Tickets for the Yacht/Catamaran Party. (Value: $1000’s/yr). Founders Club Member are always VIP for all events and never will pay for entry to any SSN Lifestyle Conference, Conventions or Party. Bringing guests with you. Special Early Bird Tickets of $109.99 General Admission (Will Be $175 after September 30th, 2022)

10. Yearly Boat/Yacht Credit of $550***** (Value $550/yr)

11. Airline Ticket Upgrade/Discounts/Jet Discounts******(Value: $2000/yr)

12. Receive extra discounted prices being in Founders Club on available products and services offered by SSN Lifestyle Membership

13. Will share in a special Founders Club bonus pool. The pool will start 3 months from SSN Lifestyle Official Launch Date

14. Will receive SSN Lifestyle crypto token for Founders Club Membership

15. More to come…

Over $50,000+ Value

$Membership dues must be current to enjoy most of these benefits!
^Founders Club Members Only Can Market This Unit. Commissionable to Affiliate who sponsored Founders Club Member. Exclusive Bonus Time Rates
*There are blackout dates such as Christmas/New Year’s Week, Presidents Week, Carnival/Festival Week, Thanksgiving Week
**One Night Private Chef Service
***2 Adult Tickets To Katmandu Park
****Two All Day Adult Excursion Boat Tickets To Isla Saona 
*****Yearly Boat/Yacht Credit. Must maintain monthly membership, valid after 6 months membership.
******Airline Ticket Information must be submitted by Member. At discretion of SSN Lifestyle. Valid for Founders Club & Elite Member’s Only. 

*******Two Passes Into Pearl Beach Club. Does Not Include Other Pearl amenities.
~Membership dues must be current to enjoy most of these benefits

Updated July 17th, 2022 – Benefits are subject to change

Level Price  
SSN Lifestyle FOUNDERS CLUB Membership $2,799.00 now and then $49.99 per Month. Select
Free - Referal Affiliate Free. Select
SSN Lifestyle PRO Membership $149.99 now and then $19.99 per Month. Select
SSN Lifestyle ELITE Membership $349.99 now and then $29.99 per Month. Select
SSN Lifestyle Premier Membership $599.99 now and then $39.99 per Month. Select

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Refer Others

Lifetime Bonus Pools*

4/5 Star Vacation Discounts**

Entertainment & Shows/Tickets****

Boat/Yacht Rental Credit***

Ring Of Fire Opportunity*****

Airline Ticket Upgrades******

3 Night/4 Days


Airport Lounge Access  

$10k Jewelry Credit Line

Real Estate Passive Income - Exclusive

One Week Stay In Punta Cana every year*  




Every Month

2 Tickets To

Pearl Beach Club





First Year + $19.99/mo

4 VIP Tickets To

Coco Bongo





FIRST YEAR + $29.99/MO

2 Tickets To

Katmandu Park





FIRST YEAR + $39.99/MO

Always VIP Entry For 2 To Company Events 


founders club membership


FIRST YEAR + $49.99/MO

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2 thoughts on “SSN Lifestyle Founders Club Membership

  • October 12, 2021 at 6:42 pm

    Hi Eric,

    Can you clarify what the difference is between the Elite & Premier memberships, as It looks like you get the same benfits with both plans.

    • October 12, 2021 at 7:54 pm

      There are a few differences.
      When it comes to Ring Of Fire opportunities. Premier Club Members are 2nd in line to invest behind the Founders Club Members. If the investment is full
      from the Founders Club and Premier Members, then Elite and Pro Memberships won’t be able to get in.

      The Boat/Yacht credit for Elite Members is a higher amount than the Elite Membership

      The Premier Membership includes upgrades for air travel. The only two memberships that include this are Founders Club and Premier.

      3 Nights/4 days of accommodations to a vacation/resort area for Premier Members and Founders Club Members only.

      There are only 15 Exclusive Founders Club Memberships. Once the Founders Club Memberships are full. Then the Premier Membership will be the highest Membership possible.
      It will never equal the benefits of Founders Club Memberships but Elite will have more benefits than any other membership.

      There is one more benefit which I haven’t released yet for Premier Members that has to do with being able to make additional streams of revenue.
      In about a week I will publicly announce it. Founders Club Members and Premier Members will be able to rent out a property in the Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic.
      No other membership can offer the unit for rent. The memberships will not have to worry about housekeeping, H.O.A. fees, maintenance, upkeep but get to benefit from being able to rent out and make profits. There will be a component to receive a few nights every year based on performance. Plus, Premier and Founders Club Memberships will receive special discount for 7 nights a year.


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