XPLR $2250 Business Opportunity

A Ring Of Fire SSN Lifestyle Business Opportunity. XPLR $2250 Group Business Opportunity. Earn daily income with Xnode crypto mining backed by real world businesses. In this case, proprietary satellite scanner technology that can find precious resources underground. Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Aluminum, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, Water and more. The Debt Box Node that can find these resources is the XPLR License. Debt Box is sending up their very own satellite scheduled at time of this writing first quarter 2023. They will charge other companies to be on the satellite as well as charge a fee per hour to search for resources underground. As profits and/or royalties come in, the Debt Box buys tokens on the open market and then burns all of them. This in theory helps create a price increase due to supply of tokens being reduced. Passive income from mining 24/7 and you do not have to do anything else but let the tokens accumulate.

You can either pay $2250 to get an XPLR Node License yourself. Please see link below that starts with IX Academy. Or you can join our Ring Of Fire Opportunity. Either choice, always remember to only contribute what you can afford to lose. You can start for as low as $250 up to $1250. Increments must be in $250 denominations. You can use your debit/credit/checking account for payment through Paypal. Or you can use USDT to make payment on the checkout page. USDT (ERC20, TRC20, BEP-20, Matic, AVAX, Polygon) chains can be used to make payment. Keep in mind, the percentage you contribute is the percentage of reward tokens you will receive. Example: $500/$2250 = 22.2% of total rewards you would be able to take out. 1000 tokens means a $500 contribution would receive 222 worth of tokens. Your contribution is permanently locked, meaning you can’t withdraw. You only earn rewards/income up to 10 years. A Node License all have a 10 year lifespan. If you would like to get into this Ring Of Fire Opportunity, I would not wait long. Here is the link to get started: https://ssnlifestyle.com/product/2250-xplr-business-opportunity/

Want your own Debt Box Node for $2250? You can choose a simple monthly membership of $25 a month. If you would like to earn additional residual income by referring others, then you should signup for the $145 monthly membership: IX Academy

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can comment down below or send an email to support@admin

*As of Nov 14th, 2022. The XPLR Node generates approximately 360 per day. Equates to approximately $6.50 per day at current token price. The rewards will go down over time due to more XPLR licenses being sold. However, as they burn tokens and halve every October, supply will be reduced.

Disclaimer: Any consideration to participate should involve you doing your own do diligence. Only contribute or buy a node license with funds you can afford to lose.

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